Blogging is FUNdamental


Blogging is one media tactic that is more commonplace for businesses as they look to build their brand and connect with customers.  Blogging is no longer a new phenomenon that only the tech industry and a few forward-thinking companies utilized as a part of their marketing strategy.  It is becoming a, wait for it, fundamental part of business communication to their external stakeholders.  You can see that here under item 9 that 62% of companies were looking to blog in 2013, however, only 9% have a full-time person dedicated toward developing and posting the content.  That is staggering to think about and shows that while the acknowledgement is there from business, their actions shows that they are not willing to provide the necessary investment to make the blogging a truly valuable commodity for the organization.  Corey Eridon of HubSpot gave 4 reasons why business blog:

1. Increases traffic to the company website.

2. Help turn traffic into leads.

3. It helps establish authority.

4. It drives long-term results.

Below is a chart outlined by Eridon that graphically represents each of the four steps above.


Business investment in blogging is investment in their customers and the results of the organization.  Customers will appreciate the thought leadership and engagement and can instantly spread that knowledge to others with a few clicks on their device.  The more shares the blog has, the more you see #1 above come to fruition.

The integration of blogging as a means of business communication is more fundamental to the overall marketing plan than ever before.  Customers have made the use of communication tools like blogging mandatory as organizations look to connect in ways that their consumers demand.



4 thoughts to “Blogging is FUNdamental”

  1. I think you’ve hit upon a point that has plagued marketers forever – getting a company to commit resources to tactic that you can’t immediately see a financial return. Marketing budgets are sadly often the first things cut when times get tough. It’s important for companies to invest in their brand and blogging is a great tool to share their brand with others. And having a fan feel strongly enough about your company to create an unofficial blog, is a great testament to the strength of the brand. Companies should leverage those voices to help them spread their word!

    1. You are absolutely correct Laura. A lot of companies who are not as comfortable with their online strategy tend to become very defensive of unofficial blogs as they pop up because they don’t have a full grasp on how to leverage those voices to make their brand better. The investment is all about the ROI. It’s just difficult to show ROI in a way that’s appealing to decision makers.

  2. Do you think that there is a specific frequency with which brands should blog? How many posts should they strive for each week? Too often I see company blogs which are stagnant. I’d argue that a company should think through their blog and cross-link strategy before jumping online and starting a blog. It’s important that the blog is furthering efforts to reach key stakeholders and target audiences.

    1. It would almost behoove a company to not do it at least once a day. In my mind I would think that there are happenings within every industry that could warrant the company to create content. Granted, this would require a dedicated person to take this to task, but establishing an authority in that industry regarding various topics can be highly valuable for the industry as a whole. It’s not good to have a lot of knowledge and not share it with others. For example, my company is one of the tops in the industry in safety. We could be providing that information and expertise to others through blogging. You never know, the industry may adopt practices and procedures that we use currently that could improve the safety performance of their organization. Sharing that knowledge could save a life one day.

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