Online Advertisers Need In-store Customers

The growth of online marketing is lead partly by the retail marketplace. Consumers perceptions online versus in-store shopping are leading to those consumers not only researching expensive electronics online but also everyday items like diapers and detergents.  The chart below explains this phenomenon.

Accenture Online v In Store Prices Nov2012 Online vs. In Store Price Perceptions, November 2012 [CHART]

According to Ellen Byron “a fifth of consumers research online for food and beverages, a third on pet food, and 39% on baby products however they tend to buy those products in stores. Retailers and brands are now targeting customers by using social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) however, this does not connect with their customers’ in-store visits. Online advertising firms such as SiteScout are teaming up with Aislelabs to reconnect with in- store consumers. SiteScout is the world’s largest self-serve advertising platform for buying ad space. Aislelabs provides store customer analytics and mobile marketing automation. The partnerships can help retailers figure out customer’s in-store behavior instead of solely focusing on consumer’s online behavior. Retailers use Aislelabs Engage with its mobile app to understand in-store behavior and SiteScout to re-target the same customer on the web, smart device, or on social networks. Retailers can also customize ads to fit the needs of the consumers in real time.

The CEO of Aislelabs Nick Koudas said ” the vision is connect online and offline customer behavior.” Retailers can retarget in-store visitors once they’re online which will fill in the gap in marketing.

Retailers such as Procter & Gamble Co. have used this concept of in-store marketing. In 2010, CoverGirl Smoky Eye Look sparked buzz with live demonstrations and print ads with Wal-Mart stores. Customers were asked to write product reviews of the product on Facebook, which spread the word to consumers looking online for makeup products.

In today’s technological age, retailers have multiple ways to reach it customers; which can be a blessing and a curse. Finding the right balance between online and offline marketing has become a challenge. Companies like SiteScout are trying to fill the gap as consumer behavior changes.

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