Full Screen Websites: A Natural Progression

Full screen websites seem to fit in with today’s overall movement toward bigger screens.  It seems that these full screen websites are a natural progression in today’s bigger is better world of mobile, computer and entertainment devices.  Bigger screen resolutions are becoming more and more popular each and every month, so having a website utilize that same thought by using the entire page as a medium for visitors makes a lot of sense.

Consumers are becoming more accustomed to having bigger devices to accommodate their desire to see more without a lot of pinching, zooming and scrolling through the page.  This has become such an inevitability that Apple, Inc. had to join the fray by offering larger screen iPhones with their next phone offering; the iPhone 6.  The graph below from 9 to 5 Mac shows how Apple internalized the need to make bigger offerings to their consumers.


In order for any website to capitalize on the mobile fray, their website should be optimized in a manner that accommodates the bigger is better phenomenon.  Janelle Monae’s personal website is a great example of the future of websites on a full screen scale.  Her site is a full screen page with large tiles that link to various items on her site.  The site takes advantage of the users device size to allow for maximum viewing capabilities.

Just from Feb. 2014 through May 2014, there has been a 26%-28% share of devices utilizing one of the higher resolution screens on various electronic devices.

The next step for new website designs is to take full advantage of the screen size to fully convey the brand message.  Full Screen websites are the next step in what consumers are looking for in the marketplace.  First larger devices, then larger screen sizes.  Who knows what will follow next?

2 thoughts to “Full Screen Websites: A Natural Progression”

  1. Such an interesting Jamelle. I have to admit that I am one of the guilty parties that like massive screens. As a Marketing Communications Manager I often need to approve digital files next to spreadsheets or have multiple platforms open at one time. Due to this, I am a three screen user. Believe me when I say once you get use to extended work spaces it’s nearly impossible to go backwards. Whenever I work from home and I have to work off of my laptop I find myself moving a lot slower. I even developed a multi-screen station for my work office but the monitors aren’t quite as large as my main work office.
    I wasn’t aware that apple is coming out with a larger screen iPhone. I must say this news is quite exciting for me. I often have to approve graphics be it for packaging, advertising, merchandising, etc. on the go and am limited to zooming in and moving the pieces on my iPhone when I am not near a desktop. I read an interesting article recently that stated that smartphones have become the “new desktop.” For this reason, I think it makes total sense for these smartphone providers to offer a larger screen option for those of us that truly have embraced this “new desktop” mentality with our phones.

    1. I certainly agree that smartphones are becoming the new desktop as we are more mobile than ever before. Check my new post on Mobile Marketing for this week. There are some good statistics regarding the need for brands to take mobile more seriously and invest move into the mobile sphere. Consumers are demanding it and soon enough employees may do the same thing. Great comments and I thank you for responding.

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