Are African Americans Missing in the Technology Realm?

Silicon Valley, the Hollywood for the tech world, is a major hub for media giants such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  However, African Americans have only played a consumer role in technology.  With over $900 billion in consumer buying power, African-American play a large role in technological purchases.  However, there may be some notions that racial bias could be a factor for lack of technological innovations.  Business investors use pattern matching to decide the success of internet businesses.  This includes the founder’s tract record, personality type and alma mater.  Usually, Caucasian computer science graduates from elite schools produce successful tech founders due to university’s status and its preparation of the students.  African Americans are least likely to attend universities such as Stanford due to lack of quality high school education, finances, etc.

Some will say big internet businesses such as Google, Facebook, and Apple hiring practices statistically show that they are lacking in diversity. Another cause could be the African American community not encouraging it’s youth to pursue an interest in technology.  However, the benefits of a diverse background can be long lasting.  Google provided a very candid report about its company, their company make up and how it can lead to greater innovation.

Soledad O’Brien quoted an entrepreneur’s thought about how they feel that there is a notion that no one will give you money to build a web company.

The question then becomes, where is the fundamental cause?  It can lie in multiple places.  Each answer is a possibility.

2 thoughts to “Are African Americans Missing in the Technology Realm?”

    1. I think that there is a real opportunity for minorities in a variety of industries as long as they have exposure to them from some source within that industry or someone who has extensive knowledge about that industry. It is something that many people don’t think about but when you do realize what’s going on you see where the opportunities lie for minorities to take advantage of. In the IMC realm, I think there is a great chance for minorities to make an impact. First thing is first, you have to know what’s available to you. Thank you for the comment.

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